Delivery of COVID-19 vaccinations

Delivery of COVID-19 vaccinations at Newbury Racecourse is expected this week. As only one batch of 975 vaccines will be delivered this week the first patients being invited will include Falkland surgery as part of Kennet PCN and the the rural practices( 6 practices). We are very restricted by supply of this vaccine at present. We expect the supply to increase and then this will be shared across 9 practices in the region

COVID-19 Vaccination clinics will be held at the Racecourse over a period of 2-3 days. Depending on when the vaccine is received will determine the dates of the clinic, if the vaccines are received on a Friday then clinics will be on Sat, Sun & Mon etc. We are not pre-booking appointments until we have confirmation of the delivery dates as we do not want to cancel patients appointments should no vaccines appear.

Falkland Surgery patients who are 80 and over and patients who are clinically at risk (the first cohort) can expect to be invited when notification next delivery of vaccine is received. The timeline for appointment booking will be very short so we will be calling patients on the telephone to arrange appointments. Those patients will have appointments booked for later clinic that week.

The way in to the Racecourse will be well sign posted by road on all of the major routes in to Newbury, this will be sign posted as Covid-19 Vaccination Centre. Some patients in the first cohort may not drive, now is the time to be getting in touch with family or friends to arrange transport, there may be the opportunity for volunteers to help out in taking patients to their appointment.

When COVID-19 Vaccination appointments bookings are being undertaken there will be no requirements for any of the Falkland Surgery staff to take down any of your bank details. If this is asked of you then put the phone down and report to the police ASAP.

We will post up when the vaccinations clinics are due to go live. All other Healthcare Professionals who are eligible for COVID-19 Vaccination will be also invited you will be required to produce your work identity cards at the vaccination centre.

Please do not contact the practice to book in for COVID-19 Vaccination as you may be disappointed.

In the meantime hands, face, space and stay safe.