COVID-19 vaccinations

We are delighted to announce that we will begin vaccinating our patients at the Newbury Vaccination Hub (at Newbury Racecourse) from January 14th. Getting to this point has taken a huge effort from all of the nine local GP practices and we are very excited to get started.

It is important to point out that we have no control over the volume or timing of vaccine that is distributed to Newbury from the central supply, but please be assured that all of the vaccine that we receive will be distributed to our patients as quickly as possible, in the priority order that has been set by the government.

Over the next few months many of the Falkland Surgery doctors, nurses and reception staff will be working at the Newbury Vaccination Hub. We will do our best to minimise the impact this has on the day to day running of the practice, but we would ask for your patience while we carry out this essential work