An update on visiting the practice

Information for our patients who are shielding

From the week beginning 13th July, we will be reserving the hours of 08:00-10:00 for our shielding patients to ensure a safe space for them to access healthcare.

This means we will be asking all of our non-shielding patients to avoid coming to the surgery for any purpose during these times.

You can still book telephone appointments as usual. Thanks for your help and consideration for this vulnerable group.

Visiting the practice

As we start to invite more patients down to the surgery, please can we ask for your help to minimise risks to staff and each other.

Where possible, please attend your appointment alone. If support is required or the appointment is for a child, please only come with one adult carer.

Please also bring a face covering (nose and mouth) to wear in the surgery. A scarf is fine if you do not have a face mask.

Finally, please do not come to the surgery if you have coronavirus symptoms (fever, new cough, loss of taste and smell) unless advised otherwise.

Thank you for your help and understanding.

Telephone Appointments

Please note that the time slots for telephone calls are approximate and not exact. Therefore you will not be contacted by a clinician at the exact time you booked.

If you have a morning telephone call booked, you will be called between 8:30 and 13:00 and for an afternoon call, this will be between 14:30 and 18:00.

Please also note that the display on your telephone will now display our telephone number, 01635 868006. If you have us programmed in your contacts on your phone, it will display as the Burdwood Surgery on your phone display.

Face Mask Guidance

We are following government guidance and advising patients to wear a mask in combination with social distancing as this will reduce the risk of passing on Coronavirus to others. For some people, however, this may be unmanageable.

Unfortunately, GPs aren’t expected to provide exemption notes and therefore we are unable to provide you with a letter from your GP to excuse from wearing a mask.

We apologise for any inconvenience. However, please see the following government guidance and travel for London guidance for more information:

Help the NHS find a vaccine for Covid-19

Join the NHS Covid-19 vaccine research registry.

The new NHS vaccine research registry will help NHS-approved researchers to get in touch with volunteers.

All you need to do is sign up by adding your details to the registry. Researchers will then contact you with suitable studies and you can decide to take part or not.

Sign up today at:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing for Patients

If you are registered at Burdwood Surgery and you have developed symptoms (such as a high temperature, a new, continuous cough, or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste) within the past 6 days, you are eligible for a test from our practice.

How do I get the test?

As soon as you develop symptoms, call us on 01635 868006 and ask for a test. The test needs to be done within seven days of you first developing symptoms. This can be picked up at the GP practice by a well neighbour or family member/friend or it can be posted to you by the practice.

What does it involve?

You will receive a testing kit which will include a cotton bud to be used to swab the inside of both your nostrils. (All children should be swabbed by a parent or guardian.)
Make sure you do the test as soon as you receive it. After you have cleaned the package with the provided alcohol wipe, make sure it is safely returned using the prepaid envelope.

All instructions on testing and safe posting are provided within the testing kit.

How will I get my results?

The test will be processed within one day of receipt at the lab. Results are then entered electronically or posted to your GP practice who will inform you via text message or telephone call.

Why is this important?

COVID-19 surveillance is vital for public health surveillance. It enables us to monitor the spread of the virus over time, across age groups and regions in a nationally representative population. This type of surveillance is essential for estimating the burden of disease and informs modelling of the progression of the pandemic in England.

If you have been experiencing symptoms over the last 7 days we invite you take part in our testing programme, even if you have taken a community test! Please call us at 01635 868006 and we will immediately organise a self-swabbing kit for you.

Wearing a Face Covering Correctly

Face coverings are now required to be worn in many places up and down the country as well as on public transport unless you are exempt. Wearing a face covering helps to keep others safe, but are you wearing yours correctly?

Face coverings should cover your mouth, nose and chin with no gaps at the side in order to be effective. You should also try to avoid touching your mask whilst wearing it and if using disposable masks, please dispose of them carefully.

Please watch the YouTube video for more information: