Practice Nurses and Health Care Assistants

The practice nurses provide a wide range of services. They treat all wounds including leg ulcers and will advise on wound care and the removal of stitches after surgery. Ear syringing, some hearing tests and blood pressure checks can be made, as can appointments for advice for travel, childhood immunisations, cervical smears, breast awareness advice, menopause, HRT and weight management.

The nurses also run or help in our special clinics. The receptionists can always advise you whether you need to see a practice nurse when they will make an appointment for you.

The nurses can provide contraceptive advice, pill checks, routine reviews of BP and asthma as well as all aspects of nursing care. Our Health Care Assistant assists with new patient medicals, BP monitoring, ECG’s etc.

Sally Seager

Judith Kerry

Zoe Gilbert

Jaqui Plank

Lucy Hutchins

Lisa Lund