Our Facilities

Our building has been designed to retain the best features of the old with an emphasis on welcoming patients as well as providing an excellent environment for staff. There is a dedicated trainee room, which is next door to the trainer.

We have a library, which also has a large “boardroom” style table around which all the GPs work, during times of the day when we are not seeing patients. It enables us to communicate on an informal basis several times a day, as well as to regularly seek advice and share experiences. The library has electronic access to journals as well as back copies of the BMJ and BJGP for those who prefer the feel of paper. Books are bought from a budget, and staff at the primary health care team meetings can all make recommendations for these.

We are fully equipped with video, ECG and spirometer which link straight into the computer, defibrillator, nebulisers, “sonicaids”, etc and we have a minor ops room, which is used for a range of minor surgical procedures.

The practice is highly computerised (EMISWEB). In addition, we have been “paper-frugal” for 15 years and banished the paper notes upstairs when we moved. All staff have access to the practice intranet and to the internet / NHSnet via their PCs and we print patient information leaflets in our consulting rooms.