Non NHS Work

GP’s are available to perform medical examinations and provide certificates for a range of requirements for a fee. Examples include examinations and reports for HGV/taxi licensing, holiday insurance certificates and medical consultations for non-NHS patients.

Medical Examinations and Reports

Medical Information request 70.00
OFSTED Report / Childminder 70.00
Fitness to Travel 75.00
Adoption Medical 125.00
Pre-employment Report 100.00
Pre-employment Medical 125.00
Pre-employment Medical & Report/follow up 200.00
Fee for Legal Request (copying of medical notes) Up to 50.00
Insurance Claim Forms 30.00
Information Request Letter – TWIMC 20.00
General Practitioners Report 97.00 – 104.00
Full Examination and Report 125.00
Holiday Cancellation Report & Examination 125.00
HGV, PCV, LGV, Taxi Driver 125.00
Elderly Driver 95.00
Dangerous Sports Declaration Form (including medical for sports such as parachuting, scuba diving, gliding)      NO
Contact the Candover Clinic
Basingstoke     01256315010

Mental Health

Housing Letter 30.00
Power of Attorney 150.00
Mental Capacity Certificate (with Examination) 150.00
Council Tax Exemption Free


Private Sick Note 20.00
Complicated Sick Note (requiring notes being checked) 35.00
ID Verification Photo Only 15.00
Holiday Insurance Cancellation Form 40.00
Shotgun Licence Form 40.00
Private Insurance Claim Forms 40.00
Fitness to Travel (letter no examination) 35.00
Driving Licence Form/Photo 35.00
Health Club – Patient Fit to Exercise 25.00
BUPA Forms, GP Signature 35.00
Private Prescription 20.00
Slimming Club / Lighter Life – Initial consultation – Review Consultation 35.00    15.00
For every 10 minute appointment (or part of) with GP or Nurse 40.00
Private Short Letter (Under 5 Minutes) 15.00

Travel Immunisation Prices and Information

Hepatitis B £50.00 per dose 3 dose schedule
Rabies £60.00 per dose 3 dose schedule
Japanese B Encephalitis £90.00 per dose 2 dose schedule
Meningitis (MENACWY) £60.00 per dose single dose
Tick Bourne Encephalitis £80.00 per dose 2 dose schedule
Yellow Fever £60.00 single dose *certificate valid AFTER 10 days
Replacement Yellow Fever Certificate £20.00
Malaria Private Prescription £10.00

If you require a vaccination which is not listed above, there may be an extra administration fee in addition to the cost of the vaccine.

Private Patient Fees

Surgery Consultations 10 mins with Dr for every additional 5 mins (or part of) 50.00        5.00
Consultation with Practice Nurse 40.00
Telephone Conversation with GP 30.00
Telephone Conversation with Practice Nurse 20.00
Home Visit by GP 125.00
Major Dressing or injections by Practice Nurse ( plus med costs) 30.00


Court of Protection Certificate (with examination) – Solicitor 125.00
Cremation Certificate – Undertaker 82.00

Solicitor Reports

Basic Report 90.00
Medium Report (over A4 sheet) 125.00
Long Report (2 x A4 Sheets) 150.00
Extra Long Report (ore than 2 x A4 sheets 175.00 – 250.00